What are the cosmetic packaging and fashion functions?


Maybe not everyone agrees that cosmetics are not a nece […]

Maybe not everyone agrees that cosmetics are not a necessity. Those high-quality brand-name cosmetics have always been a symbol of luxury. They are not only the main content of fashion magazines, but also the most exposed areas for celebrities and models. The classic cosmetic packaging embodies the perfect combination of technology and fashion.
Generally speaking, cosmetics include skin care products, beauty salons and perfumes. Various skin care creams, night creams, SOD honey and sunscreen can be included in the list of skin care products.

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Features of cosmetic packaging

Since cosmetics often represent fashion, fashion or fashion, cosmetic packaging is almost equally important in terms of protection, function and decoration. Cosmetic packaging has always been the most active product on the market, not only with fast product updates, avant-garde design, but also high-level production requirements.

Cosmetic packaging does not require any chemical or biological reactions with the contents; secondly, it is easy to use, the packaging usually has two sealing functions to achieve a certain degree of durability; the other is that it has very good sales. The decoration requirements of the packaging are very high, and the manufacturing is very delicate. The packaging cost of many high-end cosmetics is even higher than the product itself.

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