What should I do if the perfume nozzle is broken?


If the perfume nozzle is broken, you can replace it wit […]

If the perfume nozzle is broken, you can replace it with another nozzle or put the perfume into another bottle. Generally, it is difficult to deal with the broken perfume nozzle. Just buy a new perfume bottle.
After using the perfume, you should tighten the bottle cap, otherwise the smell of the perfume will flow away, and after the nozzle is broken, you should replace the bottle with a new one in time to avoid affecting the use of the perfume. The perfume nozzle is relatively fragile and will break if you are not careful. In addition, it has something to do with the method you use. If you spray perfume frequently, the nozzle will become silky, and then it will not work properly.
When spraying perfume, just press lightly, don't spray repeatedly, just spray once, and then let the perfume naturally fall on the clothes or body. Perfume should not be sprayed directly on the face, because perfume contains a lot of alcohol. Spraying directly on the face will irritate the skin and cause allergies. You can spray it on your arms first, and apply it to your neck or legs.
Perfume nozzles are troublesome to handle. Generally, they can’t be used after being broken. You can buy a perfume nozzle in the store. If you can’t find a suitable one, you can buy a perfume bottle and put the perfume in a new bottle That's it.