How about the market price analysis of lotion bottles?


The bottle used to pack gynecological lotion is called […]

The bottle used to pack gynecological lotion is called lotion bottle. As a medicine packaging, lotion bottle packaging usually needs to have several characteristics.

First, it is easy to use. Because of the special use of gynecological lotion, the bottle should be easy to use.

Second, as a medicine, the lotion should be used as much as possible to protect the safety of the medicine, and the manufacturer should produce it in an aseptic workshop. It should have a qualification certificate for medicine packaging materials Screw Lotion Pump.

Third, the packaging of lotion bottles also involves the cost of the product. Try to buy as low a price as possible.

So, how much does the lotion bottle cost? First of all, the size and specifications of the lotion bottle. Generally speaking, the price of a large lotion bottle tends to be higher.

Secondly, the functional design of the lotion bottle, the more complex the function, the higher the price will generally be. Third, the design style of the lotion bottle, including the printed appearance, will also affect the price of the lotion bottle. Finally, the customized delivery time of the lotion bottle will also affect the price of the product.