How are the prices of various detergent plastic bottles calculated?


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We all call detergent bottles for all kinds of washing products and detergent bottles. Generally speaking, the detergent bottle packaging on the market has several characteristics.

First, the primary point of the cleaning agent bottle is to be easy to use, which is a very important criterion for ease of use during cleaning.

Second, the sealing performance of the cleaning agent bottle packaging will not cause problems such as leakage.

Third, the detergent bottle generally has a relatively large capacity due to its special performance, which is convenient for large-scale use.

So, how is the price of the detergent bottle calculated? First of all, this is related to the style of the detergent bottle. Generally, try it. The price of a special style of detergent bottle will be higher. Secondly, for the lids of detergent bottles, there are many detergent bottles that use spray heads and pump heads, and the price is generally higher. Third, the detergent bottles are made of PE, PET, etc., and detergent bottles of different materials are also an important factor affecting pricing.