How to choose a plastic bottle for packaging perfume?


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Plastic bottles used for packaging perfumes, we often call them perfume plastic bottles. Perfume plastic bottle packaging has many advantages. The first is the low cost of perfume plastic bottles, which are much lower than glass, metal, and crystal bottles. In this way, it is very attractive for middle and low-end perfume brands. The second is that plastic perfume bottles have various shapes and designs, simple production, and more choices in appearance styles. The third is that there are many additional processes for perfume plastic bottles, such as label printing, coating and other processes.

So, how is the wholesale price of perfume plastic bottles set? First of all, it is related to whether the mold is opened or not. If the mold is opened, the price will be relatively higher, because the cost of mold opening needs to be added. Secondly, the specific materials of perfume plastic bottles include PE\PP\PET, etc., and the price difference of various materials will be relatively large. Third, the size and capacity of perfume plastic bottles will also affect the price to a large extent. Finally, whether to purchase in bulk, the relative price will be lower if it is purchased in bulk.