How to choose a suitable plastic pump head for the product

Summary:The range of use of lotion pumps is very wide. Whether custo...

The range of use of lotion pumps is very wide. Whether customers choose lotion pump products or manufacturers recommend lotion pumps to end customers, some factors need to be considered for reference when choosing.
1. Select according to the compatibility of the raw material and the liquid of the emulsion pump
Must be able to pass the compatibility test.
2. Choose according to the range of pump output
Before a terminal product goes on the market, there is generally a consumer survey, and there is basically a preliminary recommended usage amount. According to this amount of use, you can select the specifications of the lotion pump according to this, or the integer number of pumping amounts can reach the recommended use amount. General: Recommended use amount = (1-2) * pump output.
For example: each time the recommended usage amount is 1.0ml/time, you can choose a lotion pump with a pumping volume of 1.0ml/time, or you can choose a lotion pump with 0.5ml/time.
3. Choose according to the final packaging form

The packaging capacity has been confirmed, and then the lotion pump specifications are selected according to the packaging capacity and the expected use times. Generally, the number of uses of a package is 100-300 times.