How to use sprayer properly


Sprayer is one of the commonly used farm tools in field […]

Sprayer is one of the commonly used farm tools in field work by farmers. According to statistics from relevant departments, the most frequently used nasal manual spray bottle sprayer accounts for 90% of the total spray. Many farmers think that the spray structure is simple and easy to operate. As everyone knows, if the small spray is improperly operated, it will not only cause physical damage to the user, but also delay the timing of crop control, affect the control effect, and cause crop yield. Here are some precautions regarding the use of sprayers.
1. Before operation, check whether the parts of the sprayer are damaged, whether they are leaking, and whether the spray is normally sprayed with water.
2, The sprayer must use a clean water dispenser, otherwise it will cause unnecessary damage, because the inclined nozzle does not allow any impurities such as impurities to stay in the middle, which will cause abnormal spray or low spray volume. Some people think that the spray is weak and difficult to shake. As a result, the compression bottle cannot withstand too much pressure, and the compression bottle bursts or the suction tube bursts.
3. Dispensing and spraying staff should wear special clothes, socks, gloves and goggles and other protective equipment to avoid skin contact with pesticides.
4. The spray can of the knapsack sprayer should not be overfilled, so as not to injure yourself when the liquid spills over the mouth of the tank when you bend over.
5. When spraying, the operator should stand in the leading position, always pay attention to the change of wind direction, and change the way of working in time to apply in staggered order.
6, Choose a suitable application time and avoid spraying at noon when the sun is strong, because the pesticide volatilizes and the operator sweats, the pesticide can easily pass into the pores of the human body.