How to use the lotion pump?

Summary:Using the analysis of the stress distribution law and the fa...

Using the analysis of the stress distribution law and the fatigue life distribution state of the emulsion pump head under the physical stress condition, the improvement measures of the pump head structure are proposed according to the analysis results. According to the working conditions and structural characteristics of the pump head body, the process route of the pump head body from material, blank, large-diameter hole nesting, turning stepped holes, milling inch threads, rolling to hydraulic self-enhancement is given. The characteristics of the nesting drill, selecting the structure type of workpiece rotation and external chip removal, and analyzing the related drilling process of the nesting drill in detail, such as cutting power, selection of cutting amount, cooling and chip removal, and the difference between the nesting drill and ordinary holes Auxiliary devices for processing equipment.

As the core component of the hydraulic end of the plunger pump, the emulsion pump head body bears great pressure. Therefore, the finite element analysis of the pump head body is of great significance to improve the reliability and rationality of product design. Due to the particularity of the pump head body structure, researching its processing technology and improving processing efficiency are the keys to reducing production costs and improving product competitiveness. The movement law of the plunger pump, the pulsating flow and the pressure fluctuation caused by the pulsating flow are analyzed, and the relevant factors causing the pressure fluctuation are obtained, which provides a theoretical basis for the design and improvement of the plunger pump, and also provides a theoretical basis for the analysis of the pump head body. The stress state provides an important theoretical basis.

Product introduction of lotion pump head: Applicable products: shower gel, shampoo, hand sanitizer, detergent and other daily chemical products

Pump output: 4.0±0.2g

How to use: Just press 3-4 times for the first pump, you can press it out

Leak-proof test: extract vacuum test, then put it upside down for 15 days. Multiple layers of leak-proof settings

Color: A variety of colors are available, customized according to your requirements!