The future of cosmetic packaging

Summary:Under the impact of the Internet economy, luxury packaging a...

Under the impact of the Internet economy, luxury packaging and expensive packaging are no longer popular among consumers. On the contrary, simple packaging that fully reflects the meaning of fast fashion culture can better cater to consumers' preferences.
Every holiday, the package of hot springs caused by the Mid-Autumn moon cakes and alcohol products swept through the headlines. In the quality month of September this year, the packaging issue has once again become a big headline news.
The national requirement for over-packaging of cosmetics is that the cosmetic packaging space is less than 50%, and the number of packaging layers must be limited to three layers. In addition, there is a non-mandatory standard, that is, the total cost of all packaging except the initial packaging should not exceed 12% of the sales price of the goods.
Cosmetics are designed to give consumers a visual aesthetic. Therefore, gorgeous packaging is not a way for consumers to pay. The brand that advocates luxury packaging, too much will spend on the packaging, but the outer packaging and the product's own quality show a certain contrast, to some extent, reduce the grade of the product. In addition, the level of consumption has been rising and rising. In the current hot-selling fashion, young people only want to find products that meet their own aesthetics and have higher efficacy than the expectations of the outer packaging. Moreover, the current consumption channels of young people are mainly online, and the evaluation of the quality of cosmetic packaging after opening the express delivery often affects their judgment as to whether the cosmetics are genuine.