Waste utilization of cosmetic bottles

Summary:In fact, if Lotion Pump these seemingly useless cosmetic bot...

In fact, if Lotion Pump these seemingly useless cosmetic bottles have undergone some minor modifications, there are many uses you can't think of. Wash and dry a few small bottles with delicate bodies and regular shapes, and then bottling them for travel. For example, using an eye cream bottle to pack aloe vera gel is not only convenient to carry around, but also very textured. Like some lighter bottles, it can also be used to make hand creams, body lotions, etc., just like the exquisite 00 post. You can also wash the empty bottles with water, dry them, and label them to make storage boxes. Like thumbtacks, paper clips, ear studs, etc., you can throw them in, which is convenient and safe. Some cosmetic water bottles and perfume bottles with slender bodies and small mouths are absolutely unrealistic for storage.



The easiest way is to open the stopper at the bottle mouth, wash the bottle body clean, and use it as a decorative container. The shape of a lotion bottle or perfume bottle is generally very special. It is used to make a vase, which is instantly taller and does not cost a penny. Simply inserting a bunch of flowers is good enough, and a caring mother can choose to combine some bottles of the same color to make it more flavorful. The fonts of some bottles are by no means very good-looking, you can use some pasteable masking paper to paste up the part of the bottle with words. Some cosmetic bottles with messy patterns can also be remodeled by yourself. For example, printing some good-looking patterns or logos, cutting them, and pasting them on the bottle like a small decoration, isn't it much more advanced?


This method can not only be converted into a vase, but also a unique scented candle. After learning this trick, you don’t have to be hungry for 500 pieces of Zumalong scented candles again. You can easily DIY with less than 5 pieces. The operation is very simple. Choose a suitable glass bottle and prepare some scented candles again (the thickness of the candle) All changes are determined by the size of the bottle). According to your preference, add some stickers or decorations on the surface of the container, and a beautiful scented candle is complete. In addition to storage and decoration, there are many magical uses of bottles. For example, transform it into some very practical cleaning tools-sustainable cleaning bottles.


Punch some small holes evenly on the bottle cap, and then evenly apply waterproof glue on the edges. Paste the dish towel on the bottle cap again, and use the dishwashing liquid directly in the bottle. Since then, you don’t need to do it yourself again, just change the dish towel regularly. If you use your brain, there are many kinds of small modifications of this kind. The used lipstick can also be transformed into a very personalized U disk. First take out all the part of the lipstick tube that supports the paste, and use a cotton swab to clean the lipstick tube up and down. After applying glue on the top of the inner tube of the lipstick, fix the prepared U disk in the tube.