What are the advantages and disadvantages of spray bottle packaging

Summary:Spray bottle, this kind of packaging is more and more in our...

Spray bottle, this kind of packaging is more and more in our daily life. Many plastic toner bottles, cosmetic plastic bottles, etc. adopt the spray head type. Generally, PET plastic bottles and PE plastic bottles are the main ones. They are different from the traditional bottle cap sealing. The liquid packaging in the spray bottle is presented in the form of backlog spray. This change greatly facilitates people. For some products that need to be applied In other words, the form of spraying makes the packaging more user-friendly.
For a spray plastic bottle, how to judge its advantages? We believe that there are the following aspects. First, the spray nozzle design of the spray bottle packaging, the liquid particles sprayed by a good spray bottle must be delicate The uniformity, this is the first thing to judge. Especially for medical packaging, even spraying the affected area is more scientific and accurate for the control of medication. Secondly, it was whether the spray nozzle of the spray bottle was easy to squeeze and whether the strength was moderate because the squeeze required a lot of effort, it must be unpopular for girls. Third, it was whether the tube in the spray bottle nozzle could be squeezed every time. It is also very important to squeeze the liquid in the spray bottle cleanly every time without leaving any residue.