What are the precautions for the daily use of cosmetic nozzles

Summary:At present, the highlight of cosmetics is the outer packagin...
At present, the highlight of cosmetics is the outer packaging. The high-end and atmospheric outer packaging is the competitive advantage of many cosmetics, that is, from the inside out ?
1. Clean up in time
Cosmetic nozzles should be cleaned after using for a period of time. Cosmetics should be used every day, and the frequency of use is very high. In order to ensure the quality of cosmetics and no contaminants, the nozzle should overflow after a period of use. Make sure to clean up your cosmetics.
2. Cover the outer cover
After the cosmetic nozzle is designed, there will be an outer cover on it, which is mainly to ensure that the cosmetic is separated from the outside air, so generally cover the outer cover immediately after spraying, so as to improve the shelf life of the cosmetic, cut off the contact with the outside air, and improve the cosmetic quality. performance.
In order to ensure the quality of the product itself during the use of cosmetics, the bottle cap should be tightened in time. For cosmetics designed with cosmetic nozzles, the outer packaging and bottle cap should also be checked for daily carrying.

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