What is an anti-wolf sprayer?

Summary:Commonly used civilian and police anti-riot sprays (riot 28/...

Commonly used civilian and police anti-riot sprays (riot 28/400 large dosage strong trigger sprayer with bottle, anti-wolf spray...) are basically low-end versions of tear gas. This grade of tear gas does not use chemical poisons, and the main ingredient commonly used is OC (oleoresin capskum, capsicum resin) mixture. The main ingredient is capsaicin or capsaicin. The main target of OC propellant is the human face. The attacked person will feel its effect after 1 to 5 seconds of contact, and the effect usually lasts for 30 to 60 minutes. Burn-type warfare agents will cause a burning pain on the bare skin almost immediately, while the eyes of the infected person will feel burning, swelling and tearing.
The nose and oral mucosa may also feel burnt. The throat will also feel thirsty, burning, and tight. If the respiratory organs feel burning, it will cause the mucous membrane to swell, and only short, shallow breaths can be performed. People who are contaminated with tear gas may also feel weak, dysfunctional, tremble all over, and lose their balance. After a person is contaminated, his eyes will close unconsciously due to pain.
The inability to see things and suffocation can make them panic and lose their direction. The pain and discomfort caused by the spray will make the gangsters no longer able to resist any more, and will be arrested. Since the confusion caused by the propellant will also affect the suspect’s ability to respond to instructions, when using OC propellant, police officers must be fully aware that the criminal may not be able to follow the order because of the tear gas, instead of deliberately resisting arrest. .
These effects caused by OC propellant are of great help to the police in carrying out their tasks. But even
In this way, when a police officer approaches a criminal contaminated with OC propellant, he must still be very careful and make a correct judgment based on the specific situation of the target. In the past, pepper spray was made from capsaicin extracted from irritating plant solutions such as mustard and pepper. Therefore, when the protesters were sprayed by pepper spray, they should not be washed with water, otherwise the water would help the solution to decompose and increase the irritation to the face. ; And if pepper spray gets into the eyes, it is more likely to cause permanent damage to the cornea.
There are artificially synthesized pepper sprays on the market. In addition to being less potent, they can also be washed with water. OC spray is flammable due to the carrier, so be sure to keep a distance from the fire source when using it.
In addition, do not spray indiscriminately, otherwise it will hurt the innocent. Emergency can only be done in case of danger.
In addition, there are strict requirements for the purchase of anti-wolf sprays. "Anti-wolf sprays" cannot be sold casually, because they are security equipment. The industry and commerce department stated, “Of the so-called anti-wolf sprays available on the market or online, most of them are Sanwu products.