What is the status of spraying technology?

Summary:Sprayer manufacturers have changed their product range and a...

Sprayer manufacturers have changed their product range and adopted larger and better equipment to adapt to the structural changes in agriculture. Germany, which also controls sprayers, also has detailed statistics on these three sprayers Mini Trigger Sprayers Wholesalers.

In the past few years, the share of self-propelled sprayers and trailer sprayers has increased significantly from 6%, from 19% to 29%, while the proportion of tractor-mounted sprayers has dropped from 62% to 46%. The spray tank has a volume of 6600 1, and some booms have a working width of up to 45 m.

In air-assisted sprayers, the type with axial fan dominates (56%). The trend of fan types is toward horizontal airflow. The storage tank capacity of the air-assisted sprayer reaches 40001, and the air flow generated by the fan is about 100 000 m 3/h.