What is the use of a small spray bottle

Summary:The small spray bottle is almost one of the most commonly us...

The small spray bottle is almost one of the most commonly used portable makeup tools for women. Due to their wide range of skin care products, it is impossible to carry all the products with you when you go out. That is to say, when a small spray bottle comes in handy, you can install various lotions and creams, such as lotion, toner, moisturizing spray , Hair spray nutrient water, mosquito repellent water, etc.
1. For women working in the office, due to air conditioning, the air is very dry, and the skin is dry, you can use a small spray bottle to pack lotion or moisturizing spray, and spray it on the face when the skin is dry, a full bottle of 40ml The mist spray can be used for a few days.
2. In summer, there are many mosquitoes. It is troublesome to accidentally be bitten by them. At that time, you can spray some dew to relieve the itching.
3. Wake up the skin. People who have a nap habit always feel drowsy after waking up, and it is difficult to wake up suddenly. They can use the readily available facial spray to help them wake up, and it can also nourish the skin.
4. Spray a little spray after makeup to make the face look natural.
5. Repair after exposure to sunlight. Sunburned skin often feels burning, even tingling, or even tingling. This time, you will gently spray the spray on your face, which can definitely relieve pain. Its anti-inflammatory and calming ingredients can repair sun damage.
6. Help remove makeup. Spraying on the face with water and makeup remover can definitely improve the cleansing effect and is also good for the skin.
7. For babies. When you go out, you can clean your baby's hands or relieve small dry and cracked skin, which is convenient and safe.