What should i do if the spray nozzle is broken?

Summary:1. If the liquid in the spray bottle is not uniform, the str...

1. If the liquid in the spray bottle is not uniform, the straw in the spray bottle will not be able to spray the liquid. Shake the spray bottle to make the liquid in the spray bottle even, and it will spray out after the liquid is sucked in.
2. Check whether the spray head is stuck, whether it is pressed down when the spray head is pressed and stuck there and it does not bounce up. Press again and the spray will not be sprayed. Turn the spray head and pull the spray head up. 
3. After using the spray bottle, be sure to close the lid in time to prevent something from entering the spray nozzle of the spray nozzle, or blocking the spray nozzle in the spray nozzle. If the spray nozzle is broken due to this reason, you can use a cotton swab Or use paper towels and other tools to clean the spray port.
4. Open the spray bottle to see if the suction tube connected to the spray head is blocked. If there is any foreign matter, clean it out. Rinse the suction tube well to spray out the spray.