Introduction to plastic bottles of cosmetic packaging material knowledge

Summary:Craftsmanship: (1) Bottle body: PP and ABS bottles are mostl...


(1) Bottle body: PP and ABS bottles are mostly solid colors, PETG materials and bottles are mostly transparent, with a sense of translucency, and acrylic bottle walls are mostly spray-colored, which can refract light and have a good effect.

Printing: The bottle body can be screen-printed, hot-stamped, or hot-silvered. The two-layer cover can be screen printed, and the outer cover is transparent and light-transmitting. The punch is hit with electric aluminum powder.

(2) Vacuum bottle + pump head cover (essence bottle, toner bottle, lotion bottle), injection molding vacuum bottle commonly used AS material, direct contact with paste, no straw, vacuum design) + pump head (electroplating) cover (transparent and solid color) )

Preparation method: The transparent color of the vacuum bottle is used more, and the solid color is used less.

Printing: The bottle body can be screen-printed, hot-stamped, or hot-silvered.

(3) Blow pipe.

(Essence bottle or lotion bottle, toner bottle) (production equipment: blow molding machine)

Familiar with the blowing process:

According to the plastic material, polyethylene bottle blowing can be divided into PE bottle blowing machine (softer with more solid color, one-time molding), PP bottle blowing machine (harder with more solid color, one-time molding) PET bottle blowing machine (good light transmittance, Toners and hair products are mostly used, are environmentally friendly materials, secondary molding) PETG blow molding machine (light transmittance is better than PET, but not commonly used in China, high cost, high cost, one-time molding, can not be recycled) less.

Configuration: bottle blowing + inner plug (commonly used for PP and PE materials) + external cover (commonly used for PP and ABS and acrylic, as well as electroplating, anodized aluminum, and more oil spray toner) or pump head cover (usually used in essence and lotion) , + Qianqiu cover + a flip cover (lift cover and Qianqiu cover multi-purpose).

B. Bottle blowing manufacturing process:

Bottle body: PP and PE bottles are mostly solid colors, PETG, PET, PVC materials are mostly transparent, or colored and transparent, with a sense of translucency, and less solid colors are used. PET raw material bottles can also be sprayed with color.

Printing: silk screen and hot stamping, hot silver.

(4) Lotion pump head.

1. There are two types of emulsifying pumps: tie-mouth type and screw-type type. There are two types in terms of function. They are divided into sprayer, emulsification pump, aerosol valve, and vacuum bottle.

2. The size of the pump head is determined according to the diameter of the matching bottle body. The required water spray size is 12.5mm-24mm, and the water output is 0.1ml/time - 0.2ml/time. It is usually used for perfume, gel water, etc. On the product packaging, the caliber is the same, which can be determined according to the height of the bottle.

3. The specifications of latex pumps range from 16ml to 38ml, and the water output is 0.28ml/time - 3.1ml/time, usually used for cream or detergent.

4. The vacuum bottle is generally cylindrical, the specification is 15ml~50ml, and the individual is 100ml. The overall capacity is small. It mainly depends on the principle of air pressure, which can avoid the pollution of cosmetics during use. The vacuum bottle uses anodized aluminum, plastic electroplating and colored Plastic, which is more expensive than other general containers, and generally does not require high ordering.

Lotion pump head

5. Multi-layer PP material, (production machine: injection molding machine) The outer ring is also made of electric aluminum sleeve, and the electroplating process is also used. You can also burn gold and silver.

(1). Classify according to the function of the bottle:

Vacuum bottle pump head, no pipette required, + cover. Ordinary bottled pump head, requires a straw. + or without an external protective case.

(2) According to the function of the pump head.

A. Lotion pump head (suitable for lotion-like contents, such as lotion, shower gel, shampoo). B. Spray pump head (content suitable for water characteristics, such as sprayer, toner).

3. According to the shape classification.

A. A hood-type pump head with an outer cover as protection. Available in 100ml (mainly suitable for products with smaller capacity). The capless pump head has a special design, which can be locked and will not flow out due to squeezing, which plays a protective role and is easy to carry. Reduce the cost. (deviates from the capacity comparison). ) more than 100ml, the pump head design of the daily chemical line bath liquid and shampoo does not require an outer cover.

B. According to the production process:

Electroplating pump head; B. Aluminum electro-chemical pump head; C. Plastic pump head.

C. Lid.

A variety of PP raw materials, as well as PS, ABC materials and acrylic raw materials. (Production machinery: injection molding machine divided into two layers of cover according to the structure:

D.PP ​​inner cover + outer cover + PS, acrylic material outer cover; B.PP inner cover + ABS plated material; C.PP inner cover + anodized aluminum outer cover; D.PP inner cover + PP, ABS fuel injection outer cover.