• What are the advantages of transparent spray bottles?

    Trigger Sprayers Manufacturers PET or PP bottle with spray head, we call it a transparent spray bottle. Transparent spray bottles have many advantages. The first is that the spray bottle is transparent, which can show the internal appearance of the product very well, which is con... read more

    Jan 19,2022 Industry news
  • How is the wholesale price of perfume plastic bottles set?

    Disposable Medical cap Manufacturers Plastic bottles used for packaging perfume, we often call them perfume plastic bottles. Perfume plastic bottle packaging has many advantages. The first is the low cost of perfume plastic bottles, which are much lower than glass, metal, and cry... read more

    Jan 19,2022 Industry news
  • What should we do if the small spray bottle does not come out?

    Many skin care products and other items will be preserved and stored in the spray bottle, which is not only more convenient to use and more evenly sprayed, but also avoids skin care products that will stick to the hands after applying some skin care products. Wash your hands even... read more

    Jan 19,2022 Industry news
  • Chic and humanized cosmetic pump head

    In addition to considering the quality of the product itself, cosmetics brands also focus on product packaging nozzles. Unique stylized rigid plastic nozzles have become the focus of more and more brands. Facial scrubs, roll-on eye creams, waxes and anti-fat emulsions are all pro... read more

    Jan 19,2022 Industry news