What are the main types of spray

Summary:There are many types of sprays, moisture is just one of them...

There are many types of sprays, moisture is just one of them. It is more suitable for regular face machine, stay in the white-collar air-conditioned room, spray a little lightly on the face, use a paper towel to lightly dry, the skin can be more moisture.
Three spray types:
-Moisturizing spray:
When using, you can spray the cleansing morning and evening directly on the face to further improve the cleansing steps. It can be used at any time, especially in the hot summer weather, hot and dry skin feel uncomfortable, a slight spray, immediately feel refreshed and moist, for dry skin, fill the skin with water as much as possible at any time. The correct spray method plays a decisive role in the effect of the moisturizing spray. When using, it should be at a distance of 10-15 cm from the face, and spray evenly face to face. The evaporation time in the water, the salt crystals on the skin surface will absorb water from the skin, and it will take away the moisture in the skin, so in order to pay better, make the skin contact with water for a minute or so, and then use a cotton towel to gently Hygroscopic.
In addition to the basic moisturizing function of the fragrance spray, it can dilute the fragrance. Spraying on the medical nozzle does not have the slightly sticky feeling of general fragrance, and it is easily absorbed by the skin. It can relieve the pressure on the skin, make the skin more moist, and make up more closely. A large number of aromatic sprays also contain essential oils, so we use them to further reduce mental stress and regulate skin conditions.
-Sunscreen spray:
Sunscreen is a simple type of sunscreen product. In addition to traditional sunscreen products, carry one that can make up for the inability to reapply sunscreen for a long time outdoors. At the same time, it is not as thick as conventional sunscreen products, making it easier to travel. When using sunscreen spray, you should pay attention to it evenly in advance, and use sunscreen spray should also do daily cleaning work, you need to use cleaning oil to completely remove the sunscreen spray cleaning to prevent sunscreen spray on the skin.