What should be paid attention to when using spray


Choose your own spray Choosing a good spray is very imp […]

  1. Choose your own spray
    Choosing a good spray is very important. Because a better moisturizing spray has two effects, the first is to moisturize the skin, relieve and calm the skin. Some people think that salt spray is bad, but this is actually a wrong idea. Proper sodium ion content can be kept the same as the osmotic pressure of body fluids, so that the skin can absorb better, like blood, tears, and saline is slightly salty. This also shows that if you are allergic to metals, use a spray with a high mineral ion content. It is easier to choose your ingredients.
    2. Do not use lotion when spraying
    After using the moisturizing spray, the skin has been replenished with enough moisture and there is no need to wipe any skin care products to maintain a comfortable feeling. This idea is wrong. You may think that the humidity of the skin is enough, but this fresh and moist feeling is only a moment, because the spray does not contain (or does not contain enough) oil to lock the moisture. So if you only use spray for skin care every day, the skin will become dry and sensitive and prone to inflammation, and even the early appearance of fine lines and wrinkles will appear in the long term.
    3. Spray can not be used often
    Simply use the moisturizing spray and its moisturizing effect will make MM spray from time to time, pay attention to the spray you use to dry on the skin as much as possible, or choose to spray in the air to increase the humidity of the air can also achieve the purpose of moisturizing.
    4. The spray can not be sprayed directly on the face
    Some MM basically spray the nozzle directly on the face in order to better absorb the spray and skin. In fact, not all sprays can be sprayed directly on the face, only the spray nozzle is a mist-like sunscreen, which is fine and even, suitable for spraying directly on the face. If the nozzle is spraying large drops of water, you can only spray it on your hands and then apply it on your face.
    5. Daily drinking mineral water cannot be used as a facial spray
    Not all mineral water is suitable for spraying water. Usually the active exchange process between hot spring water and skin only takes about one minute. The higher the salt content of the spring water, the shorter the residence time.