What should I do if the perfume nozzle is broken


Perfume has great charm, whether it is a young girl or […]

Perfume has great charm, whether it is a young girl or an elderly uncle, it is easy to be attracted by the mysterious fragrance.

Replace with another spray head or put it in another perfume bottle. Perfume nozzles are troublesome to operate and usually cannot be used after damage. You can buy spray nozzles combined with perfumes in stores. If you can't find a suitable perfume nozzle, you can buy a new perfume bottle, and then put the perfume in the new bottle, so that you can use it normally.

Spraying perfume correctly can protect the nozzle

1. Press lightly when spraying perfume. Do not spray repeatedly, just spray once, and then let the perfume naturally fall on your clothes or body. Perfume should not be sprayed directly on the face, because perfume contains a lot of alcohol. Spraying directly on the face can irritate the skin and cause allergies. It can be sprayed on the arms, applied on the neck or legs.

2. Do not use perfume in direct sunlight, because perfume contains alcohol. Alcohol can leave small spots on the skin in the sun, and ultraviolet light can also cause a chemical reaction in the organic ingredients of perfume. Cause skin irritation.

3. After spraying with perfume, we should tighten the bottle cap to prevent the smell of perfume from dissipating. If the perfume nozzle is broken, we have to replace it with a new bottle in time so that it will not affect our use of perfume. The perfume nozzle is relatively fragile and will break if you are not careful. It is also related to the method used. If you spray perfume frequently, it is easy to make the nozzle slip and cause the nozzle to break.