What should I pay attention to when using a sprayer?


Sprayer is actually an abbreviation for spray equipment […]

Sprayer is actually an abbreviation for spray equipment, and "fog" is actually water droplets. According to the form of power, it can be roughly divided into three categories, namely manual, electric and motorized. When using the sprayer, users should pay attention to the following points in addition to strictly operating in accordance with the requirements of the product instruction manual:
1: Use appropriate protective equipment, and wear masks and gloves when spraying pesticides to prevent pesticides from contacting skin and eyes; eating, drinking, or smoking is prohibited. Do not spray pesticides in the wind, and avoid working in hot weather. When using the nozzle, avoid spraying on people, animals and food. The current fine mist sprayer manufacturers generally configure a mask randomly, but the mask must be cleaned after each operation to avoid secondary pollution when used again. It is better to configure a reliable gas mask if conditions permit. At the same time, remember not to spray highly toxic, undiluted pesticides and prohibited working fluids;
2: Do not use too much force or too much force during use, so as not to damage the equipment;
3: Correctly select various sprinklers for spraying, keep a certain distance between the sprayers and the crops when spraying, to avoid the phenomenon of liquid medicine flowing and uneven distribution caused by too close distance;
4: After each use, the sprayer must be cleaned according to the requirements of the product instruction manual, especially the sprayer sprayed with herbicides, it should be cleaned carefully. For some pesticides that are not easy to clean, it is best to clean multiple times or follow a special method. Cleaning
5: When disposing of pesticides, strictly abide by the regulations of the pesticide manufacturer to dispose of pesticides, and avoid the liquid flowing into wells, rivers, lakes and nearby crops during operation;
6: If drug poisoning is found, immediately bring the label of the pesticide product to the nearest hospital and ask a doctor to deal with it instead of doing it by yourself.