Blu-ray nano sprayer rejects skin contamination anytime, anywhere

Summary:This is a very big injury for the girls nowadays. Like this ...

This is a very big injury for the girls nowadays. Like this weather, how to clean the skin and ensure the health of the skin has become a problem for many women to think about. The director of Beijing Dermatologist He said that for this In the weather, it is generally necessary to use a spray product that can thoroughly penetrate the skin to completely clean and replenish the skin and the skin. If the skin does not promptly replenish the skin, or prevent it, If the external pollutants stay in the skin for a long time, the skin will be darkened and easily deposited as dull or freckles.
"Many people have a misunderstanding in cleaning the skin, thinking that water can be directly cleaned by the skin. In fact, this is wrong," Director He continued. "The average water molecule or the essence of cosmetics is relatively large. In this case, it is impossible to infiltrate the inside of the skin, so some dust particles of the dust are not cleaned, and at the end, the skin is still very hurt."

There is now a product on the market, the Blu-ray Nano Sprayer, which was originally the form we just said. It takes our aerobic water molecules through the blue spray to make it fine through the surface of the skin. The particles are deep into the skin for cleaning, moisturizing and moisturizing. Director He said that through the deepening of this form of moisturizing molecules, our skin can be thoroughly cleaned and maintained.