What are the basic functions of the lotion pump head

Summary:The lotion pump head entered the domestic market around the ...
The lotion pump head entered the domestic market around the 1990s. After nearly 30 years of development, it has become a very mature product, and the competition among various manufacturers has become fierce. The major companies that produce lotion pumps have also added a lot of extra features to attract the attention of end customers and form new profit growth points. For example waterproof function, anti-counterfeiting function, spring external lotion pump, etc. In addition, the appearance of lotion pumps such as aluminum cover, electroplating, bronzing, multi-silver, printing, laser, metal-appearing lotion pumps, etc. is also necessary for decoration, which is suitable for various grades of products.
The basic functions of the lotion pump head are as follows:
1. Sealing function. All consumers believe that they do not want to accept a product whose contents have been leaked. After the lotion pump head and bottle are charged and packaged, the sealing function is one of the important requirements of the bottled product during storage and transportation. For the parameters of the test method (such as vacuum degree, time, pressure, air pressure, etc.), each company has different control parameters according to different customer requirements, and will not be described in detail.
2. The pumping function of the lotion pump head. The feature of the lotion pump is that it can pump out the same volume of material liquid every time for consumers to use, so the pumping function is also one of the important requirements. The manufacturer's way of visually verifying this functionality is to turn on the lotion pump, press the head, then press the head to the end of the journey, block the body's water inlet with the fingers of the other hand, then release the head and let it bounce back naturally. The skin on the surface of the fingers can show a feeling of being sucked away (often referred to as "attraction"), and lotion can also be added, which is one of the main ways producers can confirm that the pump is fully functional.
3. The pumping function of the emulsion pump head is usually reflected by two parameters: the number of pneumatics and the pumping volume.
1) Pump output. Refers to the volume of material emitted by the pump each time the consumer uses it. After the lotion pump head is filled with filler, press the pump material volume from the head to the moving endpoint, press the pump to output V=D2 * H/4. The pump discharge of the lotion pump head is relatively small, so always check the process 10 times continuously, take the average value.
2) Pneumatic times. This refers to the number of times the consumer opens the head and presses the head until the first liquid comes out. Theoretically, when the lotion pump head is fully open, the volume of space from the head nozzle to the end of the straw is divided by the rated pump discharge. The manufacturer will add a 1.1 to 1.3 insurance factor when setting it up. The main influencing factors are the thickness and length of the straw and the cumulative tolerance of each part of the lotion pump head. The volume of the shaded area in the lotion pump head/pump output = the number of pneumatics.

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