What are the production inspection specifications for spray pump heads

Summary:1. Dose of spray pump head: 0.16±0.05g2. the first pump wate...

1. Dose of spray pump head: 0.16±0.05g
2. the first pump water: ≤ 6 times,
3. Fog eruption: viewpoint is 30-55 degrees

4. tightness: the bottle is full (water, emulsion) and the product is locked, positive pressure test: within 2.5 minutes with 2.5KG positive pressure bottle body, or reverse pressure test: vacuum pressure is not negative within 0.05Mpa/5 minutes Leak.
5. the length of the suction pipe of the spray pump head: length ± 2MM
6. dust cover cooperation: dust cover pull-out force is above 1KG, press cover pull-out above 1.5KG
7. service life of spray pump head: ≥3000 times
8. applicable commodities: toilet water, setting water, disinfection water. Make-up water, gel water, antiperspirant, toner, perfume, air freshener, etc.
9. Conventional packaging materials for spray pump heads: Outer box size (CM): 58.5*45.5*29, about 1000 pieces per box.