What are the applications of plastic emulsion pump head

Summary:Application fields of plastic emulsion pump heads:The pump h...

Application fields of plastic emulsion pump heads:
The pump head used in hand sanitizer, shower gel, facial cleanser, shampoo, the first function is to save the amount of liquid, quietly press hard, the emulsion will come out, and clean and clean, will not form polluted emulsion, everyone Preferred.

Use method of plastic emulsion pump head:
1. Fix the bottle cap and rotate the pump head according to the figure below the pump head, the pump head will rise.
2. If the pump head cannot rise, please tighten the cap again and try again.
3. Press down on the pump head by hand.
4. If there are still questions, although hard.

Streamlined emulsion pump head to attract eyeball planning
The lotion pump head has a crystal-clear drive and an external tension spring pump to ensure that perfume and lotion adhere to innocence and no pollution.