What is the manufacturing method of the portable sprayer?

Summary:With the continuous development of the economy and the conti...

With the continuous development of the economy and the continuous progress of the society, it provides a wealth of material consumer goods, creating good conditions for improving people's living standards and pursuing a personalized life, thereby accelerating the demand for material consumer goods, and sprayers are many substances One of consumer goods.

As we all know, a sprayer is an electrical appliance that atomizes a liquid into aerosol particles. By atomizing the liquid into aerosol particles and spraying them into the outside world, the humidity of the surrounding environment can be increased. It is precisely because the sprayer can atomize the liquid into aerosol particles. When a small amount of perfume is added to the clear water of the liquid, the aerosol particles sprayed out at this time can fragrant the environment where people are in, so as to achieve the purpose of beautifying the environment. Therefore, the sprayer is more It has become more and more popular.

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However, the existing sprayers are relatively large in size, complex in structure, and bulky. Therefore, the existing sprayers can only be adapted to occasions with little or no movement, and it is extremely inconvenient for the existing sprayers to go out. Carry and use.

Therefore, there is an urgent need for a portable sprayer that is simple in structure, easy to carry out and stylish and generous to overcome the above-mentioned drawbacks. Utility model content

The purpose of the utility model is to provide a portable sprayer which has a simple structure, is convenient to carry out and is stylish and generous.

To achieve the above objectives, we provide a portable sprayer, which includes a water storage container, an atomizing sheet assembly with an atomizing channel, a battery, a pcb control board, and a hollow structure housing. The atomization channel has a water inlet and an atomization output port, the water storage container and the housing are in a detachable mating fit and the hollow structure forms a receiving cavity, and the water storage The container is also connected to the water inlet, the battery, the pcb control board and the atomizing sheet assembly are assembled in the containing cavity, and the pcb control board is electrically connected to the battery and the atomizing sheet assembly, respectively. The housing is provided with an opening corresponding to the atomization output port.