Why are all big-name cosmetics plastic bottles?

Summary:If you compare pure plastic bottles and glass bottles, it mu...

If you compare pure plastic bottles and glass bottles, it must be that glass bottles are more expensive and higher-end, so glass bottles are commonly found in various alcohol and perfume products. Because the glass bottle has the alluring charm of thoroughness, purity and elegance. At the same time, it also has a sense of heaviness, which makes people feel that the grade of cosmetics is improved and brings a sense of trust. These are not available in plastic bottles. But in the cosmetics industry, plastic bottles have always accounted for a large proportion. Some big brand products are mainly packaged in plastic. So why are the big-name cosmetics all plastic bottles? Or why does the cosmetics industry favor plastic packaging bottles? I think the following points can resolve this:

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1. Light weight: The density of plastic bottles is relatively small. According to the quality of containers with the same volume, plastic bottles are smaller than glass bottles.

2. Low cost: Plastics can reduce the cost of raw materials and are lighter, so the total price is relatively cheap.

3. Combined with the use of reliable sealing structure, therefore, the internal liquid can be reliably protected.

4. Has good mechanical strength. The mechanical properties of plastic bottles are slightly lower than glass bottles, but common product packaging is sufficient.

5. Good shelf effect. The surface of the plastic bottle is easy to print, which is very good for promoting sales.

6. Reduce the glass bottle cleaning process, effectively saving labor costs. At the same time, the use of plastic bottles can also effectively reduce noise pollution in the production process.

7. Process issues. Compared with glass bottles, plastic bottles have more choices for the process and brand impression, which is convenient for the reflection of various external design packaging.