What is the use of mineral water bottle caps

Summary:The Magical Use of Mineral Water Bottle Caps 1. Make a sprin...
The Magical Use of Mineral Water Bottle Caps
1. Make a sprinkler
We can keep the mineral water bottle, stick a few jellies with a sharp object on the lid of the water bottle, or poke a few small holes with a needle, then fill the bottle with water, close the lid, and then water.
2. Make a pet grass stand
For large ones, such as large mineral water bottles, you can open a mouth in the upper half, then burn the sides with a lighter, and fix them on the cage with iron wires in the middle, which can be used as pet grass racks.
3. Make plastic flowers
You can use a mineral water bottle to cut some round shapes and burn them with a lighter to make plastic flowers.
4. Can be used as a potted plant
The big plastic bottle can open a big hole and fill it with soil to grow vegetables, flowers, and succulents.
5. Make a small accessories storage box
You can reduce the bottoms of the two plastic bottles, install zippers and stick them with glue to make a plastic storage box, especially for some small parts.
6. Jewelry storage box
You can cut out the bottom of the mineral water bottle, reduce it from large to small, and then fix it with a wire in the middle. You can make a jewelry box. If you have time, you can make some stickers and paste them on them, it will be more beautiful.
Plastic Analysis of Mineral Water Bottle Caps
1. High-pressure polyethylene LDPE
Low crystallinity, molecular weight between 50,000 and 500,000, low Vicat softening point, good flexibility, and good low-temperature resistance. Good corrosion resistance; can be used for injection molding, extrusion, foaming process, thermoforming, hot air welding, thermal welding, coating, etc.
Good rigidity, high durability, good strength, good air permeability, suitable for cooking bags, film lined bags, and extruded pipes.
3. Low-pressure polyethylene HDPE
High density, high crystallinity, good temperature and oil resistance, good electrical insulation and impact resistance, better aging resistance than PP plastic, and better working temperature than PVC and LDPE.
4. It has the advantages of good strength and toughness, heat and cold resistance, and excellent tear resistance. It is an environmentally friendly and odorless plastic with good corrosion resistance, which is in line with ROHS, REACH, PAHS, and some food-grade environmental protection.

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