• Cosmetic packaging materials

    1. Airless bottle: cover, shoulder cover, vacuum pump. Use by air pressure. The matching spray head has a chicken tip (either full plastic or a layer of anodized aluminum on the outside), and a flat duck head with a layer of plastic on the outside. 2. Lotion bottle: consists of c... read more

    Jan 19,2022 Industry news
  • Detailed description of plastic pump head

    1. Product Details: Specifications: 24/410, 24/415, 28/410, 28/415 Liquid output: 1.2-1.5ml / T Material: Plastic: PP, Spring: USU304 Product color: according to customer requirements Product straws: length according to customer requirements 2. product quality: (1) The product is... read more

    Jan 19,2022 Industry news
  • Learning about liquid pumps

    Fewer devices are more practical and, more importantly, more efficient with their function than pumps. Professionals in its development have created more and more effective pumping devices that pass each year. This result is in a variety of pumps with different characteristics th... read more

    Jan 19,2022 Industry news
  • Composition principle of cosmetic pump head

    Composition principle of foam pump head on cosmetic bottle dispenser1. Distributors are divided into two types: bar mouth type and screw mouth type. In terms of function, they are also divided into spray, foundation cream, lotion pump, aerosol valve, and vacuum bottle.2. The size... read more

    Jan 19,2022 Industry news
  • Some facts about liquid soap pumps

    Everyone wants to keep their home tidy, elegant and germ-free, because it reflects the tastes and personalities of the people who live in it. To do this, both places need a lot of energy to keep the kitchen and bathroom, especially the sink. However, there is a simple device that... read more

    Jan 19,2022 Industry news
  • Liquid pumps used in our lives

    There are many different types of liquid pumps in our factory. They have different colors and different styles. But all of them have the same function. Liquid pump manufacturers are designed to provide solutions for specific industrial applications. Standard pumps can provide spe... read more

    Jan 19,2022 Industry news