What are the characteristics of spray pump head design

Summary:In addition to thinking about the quality of the product its...

In addition to thinking about the quality of the product itself, cosmetics brands also need to focus on the main points of the product packaging pump. The unique rigid plastic pump head has become a focus that more and more brands must pay attention to. Cosmetic products such as facial scrubs, roller eye creams, waxes and anti-fat emulsions rely to a large extent on those easy-to-use and convenient packaging plastic pump heads to obtain outstanding benefits. If you want to make your own Liuhe among many self-care brands, whether the plastic pump head is conceived enough and easy to use has obviously become a key element for the brand to break out of the ocean of cosmetics.

The spray pump head is used to spray the liquid in the form of aerosol, which can expand to the liquid on a larger scale, and the aerosol is very uniform and absorbs well. These are only a few strengths. The usual spray heads are considered to be flexible in planning, and the size of the aerosol spray and the size of the mask can be changed according to the needs of the customer.

The spray pump head has undergone a series of modifications and processing by relevant professionals, so that it can easily deal with when it sprays a relatively viscous liquid. After the operator adjusts the pump head according to the needs, although the size of the sprayed aerosol is changed, it will not affect the total sprayed amount, and then will not affect the operating power, so the brothers who want to use do not need to worry about this.

The reasons for choosing a spray pump head are water flow, spray viewpoint, etc., and these elements are usually mutually controlled. The water flow and pressure, the viewpoint of the spray and the scale of the cover are all proportional. The purpose of each type of pump head is to keep the bath fluid in contact with the workpiece, during which the flow rate is more important than the pressure.

Although the temperature of the liquid will not affect the spray performance of the pump head, it affects the viscosity and specific gravity, and also affects the choice of materials. The raw materials of the pump head should also be determined according to the chemical characteristics of the bath. For the bath with no corrosion effect, it can be made of bronze or plastic according to the degree of difficulty in manufacturing.