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  • How to maintain the cosmetic pump head

    Cosmetics are generally bottled with a push-type design. When choosing cosmetics, check the quality of the cosmetic pump head. A high-quality pump head presses cosmetics very smoothly. If the quality of the pump head is poor, the cosmetics are difficult to press out. Cosmetic pum... read more

    Mar 10,2022 Industry news
  • What are the basic functions of the lotion pump head

    The lotion pump head entered the domestic market around the 1990s. After nearly 30 years of development, it has become a very mature product, and the competition among various manufacturers has become fierce. The major companies that produce lotion pumps have also added a lot of ... read more

    Mar 03,2022 Industry news
  • Blu-ray nano sprayer rejects skin contamination anytime, anywhere

    This is a very big injury for the girls nowadays. Like this weather, how to clean the skin and ensure the health of the skin has become a problem for many women to think about. The director of Beijing Dermatologist He said that for this In the weather, it is generally necessary t... read more

    Feb 24,2022 Industry news
  • Press head for lotion bottle

    Suitable for lotion bottle pressing head: spray pump head Material characteristics: chemical resistance, glossy, partly transparent or translucent, mostly good insulators, light weight and sturdy, easy to process, can be mass-produced, cheap, widely used, multi-purpose, easy to c... read more

    Feb 18,2022 Industry news
  • How to use the lotion pump?

    Using the analysis of the stress distribution law and the fatigue life distribution state of the emulsion pump head under the physical stress condition, the improvement measures of the pump head structure are proposed according to the analysis results. According to the working co... read more

    Feb 18,2022 Industry news
  • PET bottle plastic molding equipment "one-step" injection blow molding hollow plastic molding machine

    With the development of beverage, beer, alcohol and other industries, China's PET beverage bottle plastic molding equipment has broad prospects for development, including the "one-step" injection blow molding hollow plastic molding machine. Today, Jin Changlai simply analyzes the... read more

    Feb 17,2022 Industry news