• What are the application fields of plastic spray pump heads

    Application fields of plastic trigger Sprayer head:It is used for hand sanitizer, shower gel, facial cleanser, and the pump head above the shampoo. The primary function is to save the amount of liquid. Press quietly and firmly, the lotion will come out, and it will be clean and c... read more

    Jan 19,2022 Industry news
  • Pay attention to the proper height when installing the plastic pump head

    Some plastic pump heads are used in the field of fire protection. If there is smoke from incineration, it will actively spray water. According to the amount of smoke, he will determine how much water is sprayed, or it may be mist or water. Different amounts of water can cope with... read more

    Jan 19,2022 Industry news
  • Reasons and inspection methods for the lack of rebound after pressing the emulsion pump head

    The lotion pump head is integrated by different plastic components and accessories.This article focuses on the reason why the head cannot rebound or the rebound is slow after pressing and how to check.Among the lotion pump head components and accessories, the most important ones ... read more

    Jan 19,2022 Industry news
  • Waste utilization of cosmetic bottles

    In fact, if Lotion Pump these seemingly useless cosmetic bottles have undergone some minor modifications, there are many uses you can't think of. Wash and dry a few small bottles with delicate bodies and regular shapes, and then bottling them for travel. For example, using an eye... read more

    Jan 19,2022 Industry news
  • How to lock the pump head of shampoo and shower gel?

    Press the pump head (part of the shower gel will flow out at this time) to the end, hold it, and then rotate the pump head clockwise more than 90 degrees or tighten a few more turns to lock the pump head. The unopened shower gel pump heads are all Locked, the lock of each shower ... read more

    Jan 19,2022 Industry news
  • Plastic materials for cosmetic packaging materials

    1. AS: The hardness is not high, it is relatively brittle (there is a crisp sound when knocking), transparent color, and the background color is blue. It can directly contact with cosmetics and food. In ordinary lotion bottles and airless bottles, it is usually the bottle body It... read more

    Jan 19,2022 Industry news