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  • What is the use of mineral water bottle caps

    The Magical Use of Mineral Water Bottle Caps 1. Make a sprinkler We can keep the mineral water bottle, stick a few jellies with a sharp object on the lid of the water bottle, or poke a few small holes with a needle, then fill the bottle with water, close the lid, and then water. ... read more

    Apr 21,2022 Industry news
  • What are the classifications of plastic bottle caps

    I believe everyone is very familiar with plastic bottle caps. You will see it on every plastic beverage bottle, but everyone only knows its use. Do you know what kinds of classifications it has? There are mainly screw caps, snap caps and welding caps, etc., and the production pro... read more

    Apr 14,2022 Industry news
  • What are the advantages of triggering the spray pump

    In its most basic terms, a trigger spray pump is an automatic liquid dispensing device. The pump is operated by squeezing a trigger, which is then retracted from a forward rest position to a rearward dispensing position. The pump then pumps the liquid into the reservoir and dispe... read more

    Apr 08,2022 Industry news
  • What characteristics do cosmetic packaging need to have

    To a certain extent, packaging design is to better promote the product to the market, just like everyone must dress carefully when they go out. When the product goes to the market, it also needs to go through effective and careful packaging design. For example, cosmetic packaging... read more

    Apr 02,2022 Industry news
  • How to check whether the cosmetic pump head is qualified

    After the cosmetic pump head is produced, its qualification must be checked uniformly. The production sample can be put into production after it is qualified, and then put on the market for use. Unqualified products need to be recycled and re-produced. How to check whether the co... read more

    Mar 24,2022 Industry news
  • What are the precautions for the daily use of cosmetic nozzles

    At present, the highlight of cosmetics is the outer packaging. The high-end and atmospheric outer packaging is the competitive advantage of many cosmetics, that is, from the inside out ? 1. Clean up in time Cosmetic nozzles should be cleaned after using for a period of time. Cos... read more

    Mar 17,2022 Industry news